Cloud Backup Service

Backup your important files before it's too late. What if your computer is stolen? What if a fire consumes all your equipment? Or a flood? In a cloud-based backup solution, files are saved remotely to computers maintained by a company that specializes in backing up your data. We at Geeks are Here use the company Mozy to back up your important files. Sure you can use Mozy on your own accord, but we install and maintain the account for you so you don’t have to think about it. We will allocate space for you, download and install the backup software onto your computer.

Simple setup process

The process is very simple: Signup for the subscription service, download the software and choose the files, folders and types of files you want to backup. The backup software will run while your computer is running, backing up your files on a set schedule. Cloud backup software is easy to setup, and it’s automated. Backing up files is as easy as setting a schedule.


Cloud backup services are generally affordable. You don’t need to pay for servers, extra hardware or special software. You simply pay monthly to use their servers and hardware. Software comes cloud backup services. In addition to the backup service you’re paying for, you’re also spending a minimal amount of time downloading, installing and setting up the software. Therefore, your cost for time will also decrease compared to other types of backups.


People naturally think about security when they think about backing up their files on the cloud. So how secure are your files? Well, in truth, nothing is fully secure. But decent backup services encrypt your files, package them up and send them across the wire. After your encrypted files are saved remotely, another layer of security is added. The topic of security requires a separate article. Contact me if you’d like me to write an article about security.

Hopefully you’ve learned something about cloud backup services. Please leave an anonymous message below. You may also send your contact information if you want me to reply to your message.