Memory & Computer Upgrade Service

Upgrading memory is quick and painless. You should know not all systems can be upgraded. Feel free to contact me and ask if your memory can be upgraded.

What is computer memory

First of all, computer memory is not the memory required to store your pictures, documents and other files. When we refer to a computer's memory, we are talking about RAM (random access memory). RAM provides space for your computer to read and write data so the data can be processed by the CPU (central processing unit, otherwise known as "the brain").

Your computer needs to allocate space for each program that is running on your computer. Programs include Microsoft Word and even your Microsoft Windows operating system. Without memory, these, and other programs, simply cannot open. Additionally, because of the processing power needed by games and high-end video and photo editing software, most video cards contain a bit of memory themselves. Of course video cards do not require as much memory as a typical personal computer or laptop.